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S. Lea Stokes

Dressage Instructor


I have competed successfully through Prix St. George and earned my USDF Bronze and Silver medals. My emphasis is on correct Dressage basics to develop the horse in balance and harmony.  I believe it is imperative to develop the horse’s mind as well as their body.  Clear and consistent use of the aids and the correct execution of each exercise is key to developing your horse’s strength, flexibility, and willingness as a partner. I am passionate about helping other riders advance their skills, build a partnership with their horse, and gain the confidence to develop their horses up through the levels.


Please contact me to sign up for a lesson at Emerson Equestrian, or to inquire about future lessons or training. I look forward to working with you!





About Kaci and Natural Equine Touch

Trauma Recovery Coaching offers a unique and customizable approach to overcoming traumatic experiences, severe anxiety, depression, negative patterns of behavior and so much more! The Healing Herd of horses are eager to guide you towards sustainable healing for a successful life after trauma. 


Each session is customized to meet your individual needs and personalized goals. The Natural Touch Series was created to shift the way you think about healthy relationships and positive connections overtime, to encourage Sustainable Healing for a Successful Life After Trauma.  Each session is 90 minutes; the Natural Touch Series consists of five sessions. These sessions occur Outside! Boots are required; treats are appreciated.


A period of self reflection and integration is encouraged; the goal is to not only shift your perspective but to alter your reality with genuine change in your day to day life. Each session focuses on developing emotional intelligence through a connection with self as its foundation. At first we work on finding regulation tools that best meet your needs under pressure and developing a deeper connection within. Over time, as your connection within grows, we will dig into connections with others. Why, you choose the people in your life that you do and what opportunities do those connections offer for growth and healing? 


When ready, we will tie it all together by creating pressure in a safe, supportive space. Rhythmic Riding is a phenomenal way to stimulate all five senses and send your brain into its fight or flight response. On horseback is where we really get to see what regulation tools are working and what needs more time. The connection that develops between you and one of the healing herd, is one you’ll never forget, forever altering your relationships outside of the barn.


Sessions are organic in nature, with a suggested structure. What happens in each session is driven by your willingness to work through your traumatic responses to pressure and find a deeper connection with self. Awareness leads to Understanding. Understanding leads to Acceptance. Acceptance leads to Healing. 


My name is Kaci Quinlan, I am a certified Trauma Informed Equine Professional & Coach, specializing in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Attachment Theory. I truly love what I do and continue to seek new ways to support each connection I’m blessed to be a part of. I enjoy tapping into my Somatic Certification and Energetic Awareness to offer the deepest possible insight, support and understanding possible in each session. The Natural Touch Way isn’t just a program, it’s a New Way of Living. Are you ready for a genuine conversation with yourself? Is it time to shift into the reality you dream of? Have you become stagnant in your traditional therapy treatment? Struggling with negative self talk, anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, insomnia? I would be honored to show you the Natural Touch Way for Sustainable Healing after Trauma. 


I am currently offering sessions at Emerson Equestrian in Ridgefield Washington. I am open to traveling and working with you and your horse in your space as well. Reach out to set up your Pony Picnic Intake Today! 


Individual Sessions and the Natural Touch Series available for book NOW, for a better balanced self. Feel free to reach out with questions anytime between 9am & 9pm. 

Contact Information for Kaci Quinlan

Phone: 503-929-4082


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